hello guys.

this took me a long time to write because honestly, i didn't want to leave tumblr. the reason why i'm actually going on a hiatus is because i'm going to be really busy with school and i don't want tumblr to distract me. this took me quite a bit of courage because i really, really love the nice and inspiring friends i've made here; my broll which makes my dash beautiful and honestly i don't regret following anyone of you; and definitely, those followers i have out there. although i'm kind of quiet and make little attempt to interact with those people who are willing to follow me, i'm still very thankful that you followed me. especially to those people who have followed me since i've gotten into vintage/photography blogging and still loves my blog. i'm really, really thankful to every single one of you.

haha now i don't know what else to say to actually make me seem like i'm not leaving for good. i'm going to be back by around mid-november and if you're going to unfollow me, feel free to. i can understand the reasons behind that and i'm alright with it.

well now another thank you to every single one of you. feel free to leave me a message by hovering over the picture below. ((i'm actually crying.)) so bye and see you guys!
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